My Philosophy and Goals As A Coach:

It is my philosophy that to truly create lasting change, nutrition and fitness must be incorporated into a lifestyle in a progressive and sustainable manner. I approach this with a three pronged approach of increasing nutritional knowledge, establishing smart, targeted goals and developing and focusing on healthy behavior change. It is my goal as a coach to help you reach your goals while leading you to a point where you no longer need me. I want to give you the tools and help you develop the habits to gain nutritional independence to navigate the obstacles in life and realize your healthiest self.

Nutrition Coaching Services: 

ProCoach Online Coaching: $30/month

  • Individualized nutrition coaching delivered through an online portal. With this program, you will receive small daily lessons that last about 5-15 minutes with a habit to practice each day, all geared towards your goals. These daily lessons and habits build upon each other to help you develop the habits, knowledge and behaviors necessary to gain nutritional independence by incorporating healthy nutrition and wellness practices into your lifestyle. In addition, you will have access to and receive feedback from me whenever questions arise or you could use help or suggestions. All of this, from the comfort of your home.

Twice Monthly In-Person Meetings: $75/month

  • Meet one-on-one with an experienced nutrition coach twice a month to take your nutrition to the next level. At each meeting we will:
  • Have an nutrition lesson geared towards helping you gain the knowledge or “the why” behind the nutrition choices and behaviors we make.
  • Set individualized behavior and nutrition goals that can be progressed and adapted to the obstacles you are facing in your life that are holding you back from achieving your ideal fitness level.
  • Develop a game plan for each week that is proven to help you make consistent progress towards your goals.
  • Have time for questions and answers. After a weeks of practicing goals and learning new lessons, questions are bound to arise. An hour is set aside for each meeting to make sure there is ample time to answer any questions that you may have.
  • ProCoach online coaching is included within this plan if wanted.
  • Access to your nutrition coach, via phone, email, or ProCoach anytime a question or concern arises.

Weekly Meetings: $150/month

  • All of the benefits of the twice monthly meetings listed above, but on a more consistent basis that allows for more frequent feedback, a faster pace of nutritional education, and more frequently adapted and progressed goals which should all lead to quicker progress and the development of nutritional independence earlier.

One Time Nutrition Meeting: $40

  • If you are just looking for a one time meeting with a nutrition coach and then try to take the reins, you are welcome to set-up a one time meeting where we can set nutritional goals, I can answer your questions and help you gain a clearer path towards your goals. If after a meeting you decide you want to have more consistent coaching, the meeting can count as your first class towards one of the other plans at the reduced cost.

Add exercise plan for additional $35/month

  • Exercise planned designed by an experienced strength and conditioning specialist tailored to your goals, time constraints, experience and equipment.